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Charlie A. Fortson

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  • Business formation

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  • Contract review & negotiations

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  • Car wrecks

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Educate ~ Equip ~ Empower

AFL wants to help you protect what matters most - your life and your livelihood. We focus on small business protection and defense by addressing three key areas: business startup, contract negotiations, and litigation. We also  


Our goal is to EDUCATE you as a business owner to help you mitigate risk and exposure along the way. We do this by ensuring your entity is properly formed and intellectual property is protected. This matters because you don't want to be in business for years only to find out that your personal assets may be seized in a lawsuit, or that some other company is profitable because of your logo and your ideas.


We EQUIP you to grow by ensuring contracts are in place, company policies have been created, and employees are protected because of your compliance with federal and state laws.

We EMPOWER your business to move forward in the case of death or disability by having the right succession plan in place.  We help you to think about the end from the very beginning so that plans are in place and transitions are smooth so as to not disrupt business practices. Additionally, through proper planning, your family is cared for by setting up the necessary provisions for them to access your estate without penalties and unnecessary fees. 





Passion ~ Purpose ~ Posterity

I genuinely care about helping clients to be successful through the fulfillment of their passion and purpose to protect their success and posterity.

I believe your success requires a holistic approach that touches the key areas of your life.

I believe that education is a tool of empowerment.

I believe the law is a tool of protection.

With each client, I take a consultative approach that begins with the end in mind. My goal is to offer holistic representation ​for clients to empower them through education and legal representation to protect the assets and resources that matter most: business, family, wealth, and legacy. 





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